Friday, January 14, 2011

Five reasons silver glitters more than gold

By Jeff Reeves
ROCKVILLE, Md. (MarketWatch) — There are several reasons to love gold right now. From the twin specters of a weak dollar and commodity inflation, to the recent all-time highs north of $1,430 an ounce, to returns that doubled the broader market in 2010.
Yet investors who focus on gold and ignore silver could be missing an even better bet. Demand and performance numbers show that silver is beating gold handily right now and has been for a while. What’s more, a look at the uses and possible supply bottlenecks of silver shows that this metal could have an upside gold may not enjoy in the new year.
While both gold and silver have rolled back recently — a 5% decline for silver and a 3% decline for gold since Dec. 31 — there’s no doubt many investors are considering the drawback little more than a pause before the commodities skyrocket once more.
Don’t be fooled by gold’s glitter —- here are five reasons silver may be a better play for your portfolio — and several investments to capitalize on the metal’s run. Read full article here

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