Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

It is all very well to kick around ideas about reforming the banking system. And turn the world into a "greener" place.
The underlying assumption is that you can somehow, magically, make things different.

I think the the important thing to understand is that the socio/economic/political system is an integrated whole that has evolved over a long period of time and is continuing to move along on its own path towards whatever lies ahead.

Observing this, one can discern trends, and the one that seems to stand out to me is the emergence of a social underclass that is increasingly excluded from the mainstream of society by a lack of disposable income because of unemployment.
To put it bluntly, North America is becoming more like what we call "the third world" with some people living very well, at the expense of an increasing poor majority.

And more educated people are now joining the ranks of the poor. The good jobs just aren't there for them. They are the fertile soil in which the seeds of discontent will take hold and grow. That's were our ideas need to be planted to ensure a future harvest.
When change does come it will only happen because the collective force behind it is greater than the force opposing it.
That's how Nature works.

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